MeAT Design Research is a transdisciplinary research community comprising practicing designers, artists, social and cultural theorists, media archaeologists,philosophers, historians, cognitive scientists, and cognitive archaeologists.

Our speculative, syncretic and philosophical community is brought together through a shared interest in a number of key discourses; Metaphysics, embodiment, Archaeology, and Technology, enabling cross disciplinary or transdisciplinary dialogues that ultimately aims to better understand the entangled relationships between the body, cognition, technology, and the artifactual realm of the artistic and designed worlds.

MeAT Design Research welcomes doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from any discipline with a shared interest in our underlying questions.

Current Projects: 

Design Archaeology / Archaeological Design
(Dr Stephen Thompson, Dr Martyn Woodward)

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Dr. Stephen Thompson
Dr. Ashley Morgan
Dr. Martyn Woodward

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